Spotify Music App Reviews

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Best streaming music service around hands down!

5 stars

Great way to listen to your favourite tunes!

No other way to say it! Keep working on updates

Highly Recommend!

Been a Spotify subscriber for a couple of years now and I cant image going back to my previous way of finding, storing and listening to music. Love It!


Either u just wanna listen to some refreshing music or u seek an exclusive one, this app will help u. Thorough one!

Spotify messed up my battery

I have playlists with hundreds of songs. Every week the app redownloads all like 500 songs i keep on my device. What the hell Spotify????? Regression test much?

Love this app!

The discover weekly sometimes is amazing! A great way to find new music.

Love It!

We love this app. The best.

I love Spotify..

I love it! The app is perfect!

Will be deleting

Spotify will be removing music that is considered to be hate speech. Problem is, there are a handful of bands that were assumed to be "hateful" based on some reports but a few bands were incorrectly labeled. Will be deleting.

You already how amazing it is

Mix is amazing. Though ads go by, I am happy tuning in to Spotify

Absolutely Love this App!!!

Spotify helps me get through the day!


I think it deserves a 1 million 5 stars

Love it

Really good for walks and airplane trips this app has pretty much every band

Love this app

My toddler and I really enjoy this app and all its options

Better than any other

I actually dropped apple music because this was just so much better. The music recommendations are usually so on point. Its very simple to use. Spotify looks good too honestly

Universal but flaws are there.

I love this app. My one stop music access that can get almost every artist you can think of... minus a few. Sure, you could download the missing album to Spotify if you have premium and then download it to your playlist you want to download to your device manually but that is a hassle. Just another unknowing waste of time would be to even suggest it but Id rather just try my will with what I got currently. Theres also updates constantly which is good but also dont show that much other than bug fixes which doesnt say much for the evolved pc version. Do love the discovery feature though as Ive countless times encountered new artists that correlate to those I already love.

I wish I dont have to shuffle play

Android Spotify worked really well and I didnt have to shuffle play but there is no option for iOS to do non shuffle play

Chillaxing rock on

Enjoying and loving it rated it a 5 out of here in Ladera Ranch.

Love this App!

I made a point of ignoring everyone who kept telling me to get Spotify for the longest time, until I tried it. I cant believe I waited so long to get it! Been using it for about a year now and I love it!

Sans wifi

Spotify est super?

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