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Spotify Music app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 2944 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Current version: 8.4.9, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 14 Jul 2011
App size: 127.03 Mb

Spotify的是聽音樂手機或平板電腦的最佳方式。搜索任何曲目,藝術家或專輯,聽免費的。製作並分享播放列表。建立你最大的,有史以來最好的音樂收藏。獲得個人的建議,並只是一切現成的播放列表的啟發。聽與廣告完全免費,或得到的Spotify Premium操作系統。自由移動•播放任何藝術家,專輯或隨機播放模式播放列表。免費的平板電腦•播放任何歌曲,任何時候。高級功能•播放任何歌曲,任何設備在任何時間:手機,平板電腦或計算機上。•享受無廣告的音樂。•離線收聽。•獲取更好的音質。請注意:這個應用程序擁有尼爾森的受眾測量軟件,該軟件可以讓你以促進市場的研究,如尼爾森的音頻測量。如果你不想參加,您可以在應用程序設置中選擇退出。要了解更多關於我們的數字受眾測量產品和您的選擇,對於他們,請訪問了解更多信息。隱私政策:使用條款:愛S...?就像我們在Facebook:按照我們在Twitter:

Pros and cons of Spotify Music app for iPhone and iPad

Spotify Music app good for

Theres not enough stars to rate Spotify, it only gets better and better
Lots of selection to choose from. Good interface on app and very responsive.
I was getting a lot of notifications about "if you love the app rate it 5 stars!" So Im just doing it so the notifications shut up.
Just no comparison against whatever else possible competitor!
I love the Spotify app. I switched over from pandora (which I NEVER paid for) and now Im a premium Spotify member. I like the customization Spotify offers and its completely commercial free, no skips restrictions or strange things like that. However, I had to give it 4 stars because I agree with the review written by Brismis. The app NEEDS to off an option for clean music. My niece controls the aux cord when we ride in the car together, but I often have to veto her picks due to sensitive language. It would be cool if their was a button for when I want "clean music" and when I want the "dirty stuff".
Love me some Spotify. Definitely is a big part of my chill and exercise time.

Some bad moments

Okay, so what I hate is that on my phone I cant play the music that I want. I can only just hit shuffle on a playlist and some random song that isnt even in my playlist starts to play. But on my iPad I just have to be connected to the internet. But even on my phone when Im connected it still doesnt let me
Used to love Spotify. It was free and supported by adds. I had Apple Music before Spotify ,but the free to listen system drew me in and I it was so great. Apparently now free users can only listen to music on shuffle for mobile app??! Its a blatant push to premium , but if I have to pay money I would rather go back to Apple Music. Its sort of a disservice to the free Spotify user base. Well thanks for the fun while it lasted, Spotify.
Please fix the part where songs just wont play. Its extremely annoying and preventing me from wanting to pay for premium.
I used to love the app, but then there was an update and now the ads are playing every other song and I hate it, especially because the ads are so loud, obnoxious, and repetitive. Sometimes when i tap on the 30 minutes of ad free music it doesnt play a video and instead plays up to four ads until Im able to listen to music again. Other times it plays the video but it doesnt give the full thirty minutes of ad free music. The only sure way to have ad free music is to buy premium but the cost is way overpriced.
PLEASE FIX!!! I would like to listen to music on my tv in peace.
Spotify will be removing music that is considered to be hate speech. Problem is, there are a handful of bands that were assumed to be "hateful" based on some reports but a few bands were incorrectly labeled. Will be deleting.

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